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Mandela Squatter Camp

The Mandela Squatter Camp is located seven kilometres from the Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. This is one of the many camps that have emerged in recent years. Many of the new squatter camps carry the names of struggle and South African National heroes.

The Mandela Squatter Camp is home to approximately 6000 people.

The homes in the squatter camp are made from corrugated iron or wood the same as is the case in almost all squatter camps in South Africa. There is no electricity and the portable toilets do not have a sewer system.
The SA Government has provided 90 toilets and 5 water taps for the camp’s inhabitants.

The Nelson Mandela camp is home to people from different Southern African people who have come in search of employment in Johannesburg. There are people from all over Africa living in the Nelson Mandela Squatter Camp. Many of the people are from Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Residents say that about four(4) in every ten residents of the Nelson Mandela squatter camp are employed either full time or at least once per week.