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Mandla Mandela

Mandla Mandela was born in 1974 and he is currently the chief of the Mvezo Traditional Council and the grandson of Nelson Mandela. He graduated from Rhodes University with a degree in politics during 2007.
His father, Makgatho Mandela, passed away in 2005, which paved the way for Mandla Mandela to become the head of the tribe. The tribe did not discuss electing a member from the Mandela family until 2007 and so he was chosen as the successor. His grandfather, Nelson Mandela, gave up the right of the Xhosa leader just over 70 years ago in order to fight Apartheid. When the tribe looked to Nelson Mandela to reclaim his clan, he suggested that Mandla Mandela assume the role of leader.

When Mandla became chief In 2007, he was only 32 years old and the most of his duties involved tribal ceremonies, settling disputes among tribe members and being the tribe’s political representative.

Personal Life

In July 2013, some members of the Mandela family approached the Mthatha High Court. They wanted to force Mandla Mandela to return the remains of three of Nelson Mandela’s children to Qunu. They alleged that Mandla moved them to Mvezo in 2011 without consulting all of the Mandela Family. These Mandela family members also filed a complaint of tampering with a grave. A High Court Judge, Judge Lusindiso Phakade, ruled in favour of the complainants in the civil case and  ordered Mandla Mandela to exhume and rebury the bodies in Qunu.