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Nelson Mandela National Museum

The┬áNelson Mandela National Museum is located in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It was opened on the 11th of February 2000. The museum has an exhibition on Mandela’s book Long Walk To Freedom and gifts that were given to Mandela after his release from Robben Island and his inauguration as President of South Africa are kept at the museum. The museum comprises of the Bhunga building in Mthatha, the Qunu component and the open air museum at Mvezo.

Before the Bhunga building opened its doors as a museum it was used as the seat of the United Transkei Territories General Council, Transkei Legislative Assembly and Republic of Transkei Parliament. Since it opened its doors as a museum the Bhunga building is used as an exhibition on Mandela’s book Long Walk To Freedom and show cases the various gifts, awards and recognitions received by Mandela.

The Qunu site is where Nelson Mandela spent his childhood. You will find the church in which Nelson Mandela was baptized also receiving his name Nelson.

The Mvezo is where Nelson Mandela was born. His umbilical cord is buried here.

The Nelson Mandela National Museum is more than just another museum. It is an experience that allows visitors to follow the footprints of Nelson Mandela, whose long walk to freedom began a very long time ago and it ended in success. His journey took him to the village of Qunu where put down his roots and thrived. The young Mandela listened and learned a lot from his elders. He was moved by their stories of battles for their homelands.